Rules of ETHOS

ETHOS is a philosophy of how to live the best that you can, by becoming the most badass motherfucker you can be. It is not a quick fix, it’s a daily pursuit of becoming better. It’s as simple as that.
  1. Never Break Trust – ETHOS isn’t a gossip group, if someone shares something personal, keep it to yourself. ETHOS is a safe place to share and grow. This is an expellable offense that has been exercised. 
  2. Do the Work – You only get what you put in. Do the work to the best of your ability, but do it. You have to work all aspects of ETHOS to grow, otherwise, you’re just the guy that skipped leg day. 
  3. Show up as often as you can – The community aspect is a crucial part of ETHOS but it is completely understood that you have other commitments. Show up when you can. If you say you are coming, come, don’t make lame excuses, and don’t be a flake. 
  4. Have Each Others Backs – It’s hard to stand up for what you believe in, especially on your own. But knowing that there are others with the same vision makes it much easier to stand tall.
  5. Do Not Bitch – ETHOS is not a choose your own adventure book. If you don’t want to do what we are doing, then don’t come.  If ETHOS isn’t for you, then don’t be in ETHOS. It’s not an obligation, it’s a choice to be better. If that’s what you want, great. If not, don’t come here and complain, just don’t come.