ETHOS Requirements

ETHOS is included with your membership, so there is no monetary cost. But it isn’t free. The price is your time and your commitment. If you aren’t serious about becoming the best version of yourself, then don’t commit. It isn’t easy, but it’s also not impossible.


These are required to be an ETHOS member. You can do these today, tomorrow, or a year from now; however, they need to be done before you join, or you can’t join.

  1. 3 Laps around Hillsdale Circle with a 53lb KettleBell for the guys or 35lb Kettlebell for the ladies. Not a dumbbell, not a sandbag, not a backpack: a Kettlebell. It’s around 3.3 miles and can be done in about an hour.
  2. Get a pair of boxing gloves. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but get some. Yes, I have some at the gym, but do you really want to use the same nasty gloves as everyone else? I hope not. Get some.
  3. This assignment 
  4. The current Book we all be reading together. We are starting with Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. GET THE NEW TRANSLATION! Yes, you may have read this already. Good for you. You’ll get more out of it the second time around.

Weekly Meetups

These will be Thursday nights at 6:30pm and Saturday Mornings at 6:30am. On Thursdays, sometimes we will workout, sometimes we will go out. Saturdays will typically be a tough team workout and a short discussion. We will be planning trips as well. Everything we will do will be on a shareable calendar (above) so you can plan accordingly.

You will have required reading and an assignment based on the reading each week. THESE ARE REQUIRED to attend the meetups. Meetup attendance is not required in order to be in ETHOS. You will need the assignment done by Wednesday. Don’t show up unless you have completed it. You will be asked to leave.

Finally, ANYONE and everyone should be a part of ETHOS. If you have physical limitations, then do what you have to do to work around them. Don’t use them as a crutch. There are plenty of people with more restrictions than you can ever manage that don’t make excuses and become the stuff of legends.

ETHOS is an amazing opportunity to really level up. Use it as that. No more excuses. No more victim mentality. Just hard work and dedication to becoming a badass mother fucker.


Ready to get started?