ETHOS Requirements

EDH CrossFit has always been a testing ground for ETHOS, and the next iteration is no different. ETHOS prioritizes mind, body, spirit, community, and purpose. The original focus of ETHOS was on developing the aspects of masculinity, and the tools men needed to live up to their full potential and work towards their ultimate purpose: To provide and to protect. Today, everyone is welcome to join ETHOS, man or woman, as long as they have a strong desire to build a powerful mindset and understanding of how the world works and our roles as human beings. Moving forward, we will operate from the perspective of developing the Warrior King/Queen. Outings, workouts, and activities are centered around strengthening what is most important in developing that Warrior Archetype.

ETHOS is a philosophy, not a democracy. Like joining the military or becoming a Spartan, you will be expected to do what we are doing, give your all, and represent ETHOS as a higher standard of living. If not, be expected to hear some uncomfortable truths. ETHOS is about becoming part of a tribe, a group of people dedicated to working harder than everyone else and thriving together. A tribe that understands that without overcoming difficulties, there is no strength. Without problems to solve, there can be no wisdom. Without facing danger, you cannot be courageous. Life is full of never-ending difficulties, problems, and dangers. Adhering to the ETHOS philosophy is to seek out challenges to be able to conquer whatever life throws at you. It uses them as opportunities to grow stronger instead of becoming weak. ETHOS is a War on Weakness.

ETHOS is not a place to complain about what we’re doing. Complaining will not be tolerated. It will not be easy. It is not supposed to be. You show up and do what we are doing or don’t come. If that’s a heavy ruck, burpees in the rain, a grinder of a workout, or dinner and drinks, you show up, do the work, and come out better for it.

To join ETHOS, you must complete The Loop using your own equipment. The Loop will not be easy and may not be possible for some. You may have to work your way up to completing it. It is NOT scalable. It is done as is, or it doesn’t count. Some may think this is unfair, but life is not fair, nor is ETHOS. Fair is an opportunity, not an outcome. In ETHOS, everyone will be treated equally, so everyone will be expected to put in an equal amount of work. You show up because you trust that you will expand and do what you need to do to grow and operate at your highest potential.

ETHOS is not for everyone, and that’s ok. If you’re drawn to ETHOS, you know that what you hear, see, and do will positively affect your life. You know that iron sharpens iron. If you want to be around badass people doing badass shit, come with an open mind and trust that you will grow stronger from this. Or don’t. The choice is yours.

Requirements to join:

1. Purchase equipment
– 1 weight vest – 20LBs
– 1 Ruck backpack
– 1 30LB plate for your pack

2. Complete the ETHOS Standard: “The Loop”
1 loop around the gym, pulling an empty GREEN (Not Red) EDHCrossfit sled, wearing 1 60LB ruck pack + 1 20LB weight vest.
No scaling. No modifications. Use your own Vest and Pack.

The Loop starts by going right out of the driveway towards Hillsdale Cr and looping around back to EDH Crossfit.

The gym has 1 30# plate you can use – please write your name / scheduled time to complete The Loop on the board for dibs.

Deadline to complete The Loop: April 30, 2022

ETHOS will begin in May. You must purchase your equipment and complete The Loop before May 1.

Once you complete the form, found here, the next page will show a link to join our ETHOS 2022 Telegram channel.

Ready to get started?