Jeff Prescott

Owner & Head Coach
Jeff Prescott


Jeff is the Owner and Head Coach at El Dorado Hills CrossFit. A former golfer and mixed martial artist, Jeff started CrossFit as a way to get in shape. Once he stopped fighting, he gained a significant amount of weight and didn’t feel mentally or physically fit. “I saw that there was a small CrossFit gym down the street from me and decided to try it out. After one workout, I was instantly hooked and never looked back! CrossFit allowed me to drop the weight and stay competitive.”

Jeff became so passionate about training that he wanted to help others achieve their goals as well. He became a certified Level 1 and Olympic Weightlifting Coach and has used his skills to make a positive difference in athletes’ lives. He wants your workout to be the best part of your day. When you train at El Dorado Hills CrossFit, you don’t just reach your goals, you surpass them!

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